What do I need to supply for a design quote?

In order to quote a design we generally need to know the size of the board, estimated number of layers, a Bill of Materials (BOM), a schematic and a list of any special design requirements (controlled impedance, autorouting etc.)

How long will it take to receive a quote?

We usually respond to quotation requests in 4-8 hours.

What do I need to start a design once a quote has been approved?

In order to start a design we require a purchase order, a detailed mechanical drawing, a complete Bill of Materials (BOM), a netlist in PADS format, a finalized schematic, specs sheets for all non-standard components and a detailed list of design requirements (testability, routing requirements, keep-outs etc.)

What is the breakdown of the entire design process?

  1. All specs are reviewed and new footprints are created.
  2. Mechanical information including mounting holes, keep-outs etc. are input into the system.
  3. The netlist and parts lists are loaded into the mechanical database.
  4. Parts placement: we encourage our clients to sit with us while doing a placement. This ensures that all critical requirements are met to the engineers' satisfaction.
  5. The placement is then approved by your engineering group. At this point, if required, we would also submit a placement to your manufacturing group for a DFM (design for manufacturability) review.
  6. Routing: we also encourage engineering participation during the initial routing phase.
  7. Route review and clean up. This step may be repeated multiple times.
  8. Documentation creation and wrap-up. The finalized files are then shipped to the customer along with any manufacturing facilities you might want to receive the files.

What types of files are included in the final package?

Please see our Tools/Deliverables page.

Do you fabricate PCBs as well?

Upon completion of your deign we will gladly provide you with a fabrication quote. We work with several fabrication houses in order to match your needs to their specialties.