About C.C.D

C.C.D. will work with your vendors, whether it be your printed circuit board shop or assembly house, to assure that there are no unnecessary delays. We can email or ftp all pertinent information necessary to the shop of your choice to help expedite the fabrication and assembly of your printed circuit boards. C.C.D. is here to service our customers and to keep your projects on schedule.

C.C.D. is a design service that is dedicated to providing its customers with accurate, manufacturable printed circuit boards. We encourage and welcome your engineering staff to come in and work with us during any phase of a design. This ensures that all your requirements are met quickly and completely.

C.C.D. has made a major contribution to the communication and networking industry. As this industry has grown, the demand for quality printed circuit boards has also grown. Our expertise in designing high density boards for BRIDGES, ROUTERS, SWITCHES, etc. is unsurpassed. C.C.D. has and will continue to excel in our efforts to bring your products to market.

Edward Dame - ed@ccdnh.com


Ed came to C.C.D. in 1992. He specializes in sophisticated, high layer count, high density, high speed digital designs with tight constraints (controlled impedance, differential routing, blind/buried vias).

Ed is the go-to guy when it comes to industry standards and capabilities. He started out his career as a mechanical designer, moved into electro-mechanical design and then finally into PCB Layout. He’s done designs ranging from single part, hand taped artworks to 26 layer digital designs with over 100 BGAs.

Ed is a member of the IPC Designers Council and received his IPC CID (Certificate in Interconnect Design) in May of 2012 at which he received the “Top Dog” award for having the highest final test score of the class. Prior to coming to C.C.D. he worked for Microcom (Norwood, MA) and Circuit Art Design (Randolph, MA).

Gary Abate - gary@ccdnh.com


Gary founded Computerized Circuit Design, Inc. in August of 1988. Gary has been a part of the evolution of printed circuit board design for well over 45 years.

The start of his career consisted of hand taping printed circuit board artworks and creating digitized layouts. He then transitioned to computer aided design in the mid 1970’s using Racal Redac Design Software. In the late 1980’s Gary became a first generation PADS user when he purchased his first PADS PCB license. This software has served him well throughout his career with Computerized Circuit Design.

Prior to founding Computerized Circuit Design, Gary was a valued printed circuit board designer at Sanders Associates, Nashua, NH for 4 years. He went on to become an ace printed board designer and department manager in Engineering Services at Compugraphic Corp., Wilmington MA for 11 years. He then experienced the challenges of working at a fast paced printed circuit board design service bureau at Ronlin Design, Lowell, MA for 3 years.

Gary is a veteran of the US Navy, and served in Vietnam on the USS Newport News.